^ Only available for residential customers.

^Service not available in all areas. ~Once you have used your plan data allowance, we will shape your speeds until your next billing period. + Available for Residential ClubTelco Members

^ Service not available in all areas. Connection speeds vary, broadband speeds only in 3G areas.+ Available for residential ClubTelco members.

# Excess data charged at current data rates ($2 per MB) and is included in cap ~ Includes National calls including 13/1300/1800 calls, National SMS and MMS, Mobile Calls, Voicemail and data. Certain call types and premium services are excluded. Once included value is reached, excess usage charges apply+ Only applicable between ClubTelco Mobile service

+ Only available for residential customers.

ClubTelco Member Benefits

ClubTelco membership is available to our residential customers. Members pay a $50 annual membership fee to get access to loads of great benefits:

1. Rewards Club - ClubTelco membership gives you instant membership of Infinite Rewards, our member loyalty programme. Forget about earning points to redeem your rewards, you can start enjoying all the benefits of membership straight away. With Infinite Rewards you get great discounts across a wide range of categories such as travel, accommodation, movies, entertainment, dining and retail therapy! Check it out at http://www.infiniterewards.com.au/Home/MemberBenefits.aspx

2. Exclusive Member Discounts - just for our members, we give you a 5% discount off your monthly invoice if you have phone and internet with us, and a 10% discount off your monthly invoice if you add a mobile service. (Phone is home phone or VoIP, internet is ADSL, mobile broadband or fibre).

3. No Long Term Service Contracts - here at ClubTelco we don't force you to sign up to a long term contract. We want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to. That's why all our terms are month-to-month.

4. Dedicated Account Manager - every ClubTelco member will have their own dedicated service manager, so if you have any problems with your service you'll automatically be directed to the person responsible for ensuring your issue is fixed as quickly as possible.

5. Great Value Plans - we'll always make sure you are on our best value plan, and if we introduce a new plan with better value, we'll move you to it with no plan change fees.

6. Choose How You Pay - we let you pay the way that suits you. Whether it's by Direct Debit, BPay, Cheque, Online or over the counter at Australia Post, the choice is yours! All we ask is that you pay your account by the due date.

7. No Extra Fees - we've eliminated those annoying "extra" fees for our Club Members. As a ClubTelco member there are:

  • NO paper bill fees
  • NO fees for not paying by Direct Debit
  • NO credit card processing fees (including Amex)
  • NO BPay fees
  • NO fees for paying at Australia Post

8. No set up fees - At ClubTelco there are no Broadband set up fees, no VoIP setup fees and no Home Phone Setup fees unless you need a new phone line connection.

9. Assistance When You Move - we know that moving can be stressful. That's why we won't charge you anything to set up your new service at your new home (unless you require a physically connection/install) and we'll also credit the monthly fee for your broadband and homephone service for the first month after you move.

10. Personal Assistant - If you can't answer your ClubTelco mobile phone, rather than turning on voicemail that you have spend time checking, you can use our Personal Assistant service. Your calls will then be directed to one of our friendly assistants who will answer the phone with your own personalised greeting, take a message for you and then send that message to you via Email or SMS direct to your phone.

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